Why Dext Capital?
Flexible, common sense decisions, without all the bureaucracy and red tape that leads to lengthy delays, frustration, and lost opportunities.

Who is Sightway Capital?
Sightway Capital is a Two Sigma Company, a successful multi-billion-dollar hedge fund based in New York that excels in quantitative analytics and data science. Sightway Capital has made a large capital commitment to Dext Capital and collaborates with Dext Capital on leveraging data science to bring better solutions to medical providers. Dext Capital remains its own stand alone independent finance company and is led by seasoned industry veterans who know healthcare and lending.

Is Dext Capital a broker?
No. We make our own credit decisions and have our own source of funds. Financial support from Sightway Capital and access to a large multi-million-dollar bank facility provide us with the capital we need to be competitive with bank-owned finance companies.

What types of financing products do you offer?
We have a full suite of products – $1.00 Buyout, Fair Market Value, Fixed Purchase Option Leases; Equipment Finance Agreements, Customized Agreements as needed.

What are your business values?
Being humble, non-assuming, creative, and building genuine business partnerships allow us to provide solutions that work. These values help to create efficiencies and develop long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with both end-user customers and equipment vendors.

How do I get started?
Call us at 971-762-2984. We look forward to partnering with you.