Revolutionize Your Document Management with AutoDocs on DART

AutoDocs on DART, a new feature on our DART commercial lending platform, integrates seamlessly with DocuSign to enable immediate document transmission upon application and vendor approval. Leverage AutoDocs for enhanced control and efficiency in your document management.


Targeted Eligibility: Designed for App Only deals up to $250,000 with a single vendor and 1-4 personal guarantors.*

Significant Time Savings: Eliminate the 24-hour wait for manual document processing. AutoDocs automates assembly and distribution, allowing brokers to close deals faster.

Enhanced Broker Control: Customize every deal with full autonomy over points, doc fees, terms, and schedules. Manage DocuSign signings with the ability to send, recall, and track document statuses in real-time.

Complete Documentation Autonomy: Brokers can monitor when documents are viewed and signed, ensuring all parties are aligned throughout the process.

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*Not available in CA or NY, and for EFA agreements only.


DART (Dext Access in Real Time), is our new, patent pending, lightning fast and easy to navigate financial tool. With DART, you can apply for financing as well as have access to your account 24-hours a day. The best part? Applying to DART couldn’t be easier.

Dart by Dext: Simplifying Equipment Financing

In the dynamic world of business, the demand for reliable equipment remains constant. Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a seasoned corporation, having the right tools and machinery is pivotal to your success. Yet, acquiring these assets often involves navigating a labyrinth of financing options, terms, and paperwork. Enter DART (Direct Access Real Time) by Dext, the innovative digital platform from Dext Capital, designed to streamline and simplify the equipment financing process.

DART by Dext stands as a beacon for businesses seeking hassle-free equipment financing. Developed in-house here at Dext Capital, the DART platform is a game-changer in the equipment financing industry that offers a seamless way for businesses of all sizes to secure the tools and machinery they need to excel.


Benefits of Using Dart by Dext

DART offers a host of advantages to businesses seeking equipment financing. By employing efficient processes and providing competitive financing options, it not only saves you valuable time and money but also allows you to focus your energy on growing your business. The platform’s hallmark is its flexibility, tailoring financing solutions precisely to your unique business circumstances and aspirations. Whether you need industrial machinery, medical equipment, or the latest technological upgrades, DART grants you access to a wide range of equipment. Moreover, our financing team of industry experts is always on hand to provide guidance throughout the financing process, ensuring that you make well-informed decisions. In essence, DART empowers businesses to streamline equipment financing, making it easier and more cost-effective than ever before.


Features That Set Dart by Dext Apart

User-Friendly Interface: DART by Dext boasts an interface that’s both intuitive and user-friendly. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a newcomer, navigating the platform is a breeze.

Quick and Transparent Approvals: We understand that time is of the essence. DART expedites approvals, ensuring you get the equipment you need without unnecessary delays. Plus, the platform is transparent, providing crystal-clear insight into all terms and conditions.

Customized Financing Solutions: Every business has its own unique needs, and DART by Dext recognizes that. DART offers tailored financing solutions that align precisely with your specific requirements, ensuring you’re not bound to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Auto-Decisioning: Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technology, DART provides lightning-fast auto-decisioning, ensuring you receive swift responses to your financing applications.


Paperless Process and Digital Notifications: Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork. DART offers a fully digital experience, significantly reducing the administrative burden on your end. DART excels in communication with its enhanced notifications that allow you to effortlessly monitor your application status, stay on top of monthly payments, and review available funding options.

Ready to simplify your equipment financing process? Take the first step with DART today! Click the button below to receive a complimentary quote and discover how Dext Capital can empower your business.

For any inquiries about DART or any of Dext Capital’s services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist you at every stage. Contact us here for more information.