The Dext Edge

We are Direct Lenders


Dext can make independent credit decisions and does not rely on brokering their transactions to various banks which introduces delays, inconsistency and bureaucracy. We have half a billion dollars in bank facilities and the backing of Two Sigma. We can make decisions independently without relying on outside credit parameters and deliver a nimble, flexible and consistent process to our customers and vendor partners.

We are Technology Forward


Most lessors start on a spreadsheet that reduces efficiency and prevents scaling for growth. Dext has received a substantial capital commitment that allows us to make a significant upfront investment in technology to provide the best tools and service to customers, manage data effectively and enable efficient processes.

We are Healthcare Focused


Work with someone who knows your business and will help you identify the most optimal solution to your financing needs. Dext’s advantage is the management team’s knowledge of the healthcare industry and all the intricacies that are important to our customers. Understanding of policies, demographics, equipment trends and reimbursement challenges allows Dext to be a true specialist rather than just another generalist who takes a transactional approach to relationships.

We are Team Dext


We are proud of the highly experienced and well-respected team of leaders we’ve assembled at Dext. Our company is the alternative for industry experts who are ready to be part of a growing, future forward leasing company. Those seeking an opportunity to join a great and fun company should contact Dext.

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