For Medical Providers

Dext Capital’s solutions are tailored for the healthcare industry

Capital Lease and Loan / Equipment Finance Agreement

Provides a budget friendly way to acquire Capital Equipment or critical use Software. The Customer commits to a fixed term of lease payments (up to 120 months). At the end of the lease term the customer owns the equipment out right.

Creative Financing and Product Solutions
– Software Only Financing
– Progress Payment Solutions
– Interest Only Solutions
– Graduated and Deferred Payment Plans
– Balloon Payment Options

Operating Leases with FMV Purchase Options
Customer commits to making lease payments during an established term (up to 120 months). At the end of the original term the equipment can be purchased for its Fair Market Value, renewed for an extended term, or simply returned to Dext Capital with no further obligation.

Your benefits of working with us

Tailored Financing Solutions
We can serve your equipment financing needs whether it’s a $10,000 hospital bed or $20,000,000 in diagnostic equipment. We offer custom solutions and structures that can satisfy the needs of medical providers.

Easier Budgeting
Predictability of payment with terms up to 120 months. With no up-front investment, equipment pays for itself over time or as the equipment is used.

Improved Liquidity & Cash Flow
Working capital is preserved, allowing investment in other strategic initiatives at higher returns.

Ease of Dealing with One Finance Solutions Provider
You make the equipment choice. We’ll provide you the best financial solution for all your equipment needs regardless of your vendor selections.

Preserves Existing Lines of Credit
No adverse effects on existing credit lines. Flexible solutions serve your ever changing financial needs.

Simple and Seamless Process
We offer a straight forward and transparent process as an independent direct lender not restricted with today’s strict Banking Regulations. Same day approvals up to $500K with a simple application and no financial statements.

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